Interventions to Establish New Skills or Behavior

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This Category contains a wide range of interventions designed to add behavior to an individuals repertoire. In general these procedure will include the formal use of some schedule of reinforcement in addition to the procedures that comprise the intervention.  We have included all schedules of reinforcement in this category as stand alone procedures as well.

Standards of Practice:

1) Any procedure purporting to establish or increase rates of a particular response must include consequences that actually function as reinforcers for that individual and for the particular response being targeted for increase.

2) Plans for fading prompting should be part of any program or procedure to establish new skills or behavior

3) Plans for supporting the generalized use of the skills or behavior should be part of any plan or program

4) plans for fading the reinforcer(s) used to establish responding starting with fading  from a continuous reinforcement (CRF) schedule to an intermittent schedule and final to reinforcers occurring in the natural environment or setting where the skill is to occur.

Additional Considerations:

In cases where a consequence is provided contingent upon the occurrence of a specific behavior in the context of an instructional procedure and rates of the target behavior do not increase, no conclusions can be drawn if the study does not indicate that the consequence used actually functions to reinforce that behavior or similar response topographies.


Evaluation of  Skill specific Instructional Programs:  The references attached provide checklists to be used to determine the quality of an instructional program for

1) Individuals with ASD

2) Add more here


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