Interventions – To Reduce SEVERE AND DANGEROUS Behavior

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Procedures whose primary purpose is to decrease rates of a particular behavior fall into this category. This category contains some highly restrictive and potentially harmful procedures. These procedures should only be implemented by well trained and experienced persons and those being supervised by such professionals.


Standards of Practice:

1) In many cases the interventions in this category are regulated on a local regional and or national level.  It is the responsibility of anyone implementing behavior reduction procedures to ensure that they are aware of and in compliance with ALL  applicable laws and regulations.

2) These procedure should only occur after the behavior analyst has conducted a Functional Assessment/Analysis

3) These procedure should only be used in conjunction with procedures to teach a positive functional replacement behavior

4) If  you are going to use these interventions,  they should only be used under clear and explict supervision, training and monitoring protocols,  Ideally  by senior experienced Behavior Analysts


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