K. Implementation, Management, and Supervision

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K-01: Provide for ongoing documentation of behavioral services.
K-02: Identify the contingencies governing the behavior of those responsible for carrying out behavior-change procedures and design interventions accordingly.
K-03: Design and use competency-based training for persons who are responsible for carrying out behavioral assessment and behavior-change procedures.
K-04: Design and use effective performance monitoring and reinforcement systems.
K-05: Design and use systems for monitoring procedural integrity.
K-06: Provide supervision for behavior-change agents.
K-07: Evaluate the effectiveness of the behavioral program.
K-08: Establish support for behavior-analytic services from direct and indirect consumers.
K-09: Secure the support of others to maintain the client’s behavioral repertoires in their natural environments.
K-10: Arrange for the orderly termination of services when they are no longer required.

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