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Behaviorpedia is meant to be a shared resource for the behavior analysis community.  As such, adding content to Behaviorpedia can be done by any behavior analyst who meets one of the following criteria:

  1. You are a current BCBA certificant in good standing
  2. You have completed formal (University Masters level degree, or higher) training in Behavior analysis

You must also complete the Behaviorpedia posting application process and maintain compliance with Behaviorpedia’s posting standards.    Account application information is available on the home page.

There are several levels of Editorial Access to this site (detailed below). All initial applications will be granted Basic Access,  additional levels will be awarded based upon ongoing contributions to the site.  Additionally,  You may request to become a content area editor,  by emailing the site administrator

Levels of Contributor and Privileges:

Site User: Available to all, no application necessary.  You may access any content located on the site

Basic User: This is the entry level contributor account. This enables you to upload Peer reviewed Journal articles and any of the following Documents:

1. Examples of  Data Collection Sheets

2.  Examples of Behavior Support Plans

3.  Examples of  Teaching procedures for any skill

Documents can be uploaded in a variety of formats including: PDF, Microsoft word,  Excel, and  PowerPoint

Content Author: This level enables the user to do all of the actions of a Basic User and also create new pages on the site.  This user cannot delete or modify previously created or approved content

Content Editor:  This level enables the user to do all actions of other levels as well as edit,  modify, or delete content from any page within the site.


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