E. Specific Behavior-Change Procedures

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E-01: Use interventions based on manipulation of antecedents, such as motivating operations and discriminative stimuli.
E-02: Use discrimination training procedures.
E-03: Use instructions and rules.
E-04: Use contingency contracting (i.e., behavioral contracts).
E-05: Use independent, interdependent, and dependent group contingencies.
E-06: Use stimulus equivalence procedures.
E-07: Plan for behavioral contrast effects.
E-08: Use the matching law and recognize factors influencing choice.
E-09: Arrange high-probability request sequences.
E-10: Use the Premack principle.
E-11: Use pairing procedures to establish new conditioned reinforcers and punishers.
E-12: Use errorless learning procedures.
E-13: Use matching-to-sample procedures.

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