D. Fundamental Elements of Behavior Change

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D-01: Use positive and negative reinforcement.
D-02: Use appropriate parameters and schedules of reinforcement.
D-03: Use prompts and prompt fading.
D-04: Use modeling and imitation training.
D-05: Use shaping.
D-06: Use chaining.
D-07: Conduct task analyses.
D-08: Use discrete-trial and free-operant arrangements.
D-09: Use the verbal operants as a basis for language assessment.
D-10: Use echoic training.
D-11: Use mand training.
D-12: Use tact training.
D-13: Use intraverbal training.
D-14: Use listener training.
D-15: Identify punishers.
D-16: Use positive and negative punishment.
D-17: Use appropriate parameters and schedules of punishment.
D-18: Use extinction.
D-19: Use combinations of reinforcement with punishment and extinction.
D-20: Use response-independent (time-based) schedules of reinforcement (i.e., noncontingent reinforcement).
D-21: Use differential reinforcement (e.g., DRO, DRA, DRI, DRL, DRH).

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