ii. Definitions and Examples

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FK-10: behavior, response, response class
FK-11: environment, stimulus, stimulus class
FK-12: stimulus equivalence
FK-13: reflexive relations (US-UR)
FK-14: respondent conditioning (CS-CR)
FK-15: operant conditioning
FK-16: respondent-operant interactions
FK-17: unconditioned reinforcement
FK-18: conditioned reinforcement
FK-19: unconditioned punishment
FK-20: conditioned punishment
FK-21: schedules of reinforcement and punishment
FK-22: extinction
FK-23: automatic reinforcement and punishment
FK-24: stimulus control
FK-25: multiple functions of a single stimulus
FK-26: unconditioned motivating operations
FK-27: conditioned motivating operations
FK-28: transitive, reflexive, surrogate motivating operations
FK-29: distinguish between the discriminative stimulus and the motivating operation
FK-30: distinguish between motivating operation and reinforcement effects
FK-31: behavioral contingencies
FK-32: contiguity
FK-33: functional relations
FK-34: conditional discriminations
FK-35: stimulus discrimination
FK-36: response generalization
FK-37: stimulus generalization
FK-38: behavioral contrast
FK-39: behavioral momentum
FK-40: matching law
FK-41: contingency-shaped behavior
FK-42: rule-governed behavior

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