A. Measurement

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A-01: Measure frequency (i.e., count).
A-02: Measure rate (i.e., count per unit time).
A-03: Measure duration.
A-04: Measure latency.
A-05: Measure inter-response time (IRT).
A-06: Measure percent of occurrence.
A-07: Measure trials to criterion.
A-08: Assess and interpret inter-observer agreement.
A-09: Evaluate the accuracy and reliability of measurement procedures.
A-10: Design, plot, and interpret data using equal-interval graphs.
A-11: Design, plot, and interpret data using a cumulative record to display data.
A-12: Design and implement continuous measurement procedures (e.g., event recording).
A-13: Design and implement discontinuous measurement procedures (e.g., partial & whole interval, momentary time sampling).
A-14: Design and implement choice measures.

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